We believe:

  • In the power of commerce to change the world.
  • That relationships and product must go hand-in-hand.
  • We can do work we love and work we excel at.
  • Strong leaders make for strong companies.
  • You probably already know your firm's biggest problems.
  • In giving passionate people a chance to shine.
  • In big ass change.

In corporate jargon:

The Coaching Collective offers boutique change management consulting, training and coaching services to mid-market, privately held companies that are (mostly) undergoing rapid change. We work with key members of leadership teams to establish new paradigms to support that growth over the long term.

We work with clients across market sectors and apply a coaching methodology to our change management. We love nothing more than seeing our client companies succeed. To that end, we tend to focus on leadership, product/service, sales and culture. 

What this means for you: 

The Coaching Collective is not for "business as usual." We like change, but we also like it to be as effective and as gentle as possible. So if you're the CEO, a chairman of the board or some other head honcho/muckety muck who thinks your company could benefit from a spicy combo of tough love, so far outside-the-box-that-there-is-no-box thinking, and not small amounts of levity, please holler. 

And now, a word from our sponsor:

Hi! My name is Lauren. I love helping people and companies reach their full potential. I really love helping companies and their leaders (who are often justfinethankyouverymuch) grow to new heights, implement new ways of serving their clients and create cultures of distinction. 

It would be my honor to work with you. If you're curious about me and my story, go here. 

The Team:

The Collective is truly that: a collective of individuals who come together to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Founder and partner Lauren Fritsch oversees a group of diverse trainers, consultants, strategists and friends who provide unparalleled service to our clients.