Client: Coaching Technology Company

Overview: A startup required a coaching methodology unique to its vision and goals for clients that could be applied to both consumer and enterprise solutions. 

Challenges: Compressed timeline and diverse stakeholders made creation and execution of the product complex and fraught with politics.

All I can say is wow. Lauren is a genius. She single handedly created a coaching methodology and somehow understood how to convey that in a clear and straightforward UX as well as galvanize a team of developers to execute it. She was tireless in her efforts and ultimately was the heart and soul of a project for which we was a consultant.
— Chairman, Coaching Technology Company, Ohio


Coaching Methodology

  • Created soup-to-nuts model for achieving goals that could attract both consumer and enterprise clients
  • Integrated diverse perspectives from multiple stakeholders that resulted in a well-rounded approach to goal achievement 

Organizational Development

  • Managed developers, branding, UI, and sales teams to achieve corporate goals