With a focus on people product, and process, the Coaching Collective is a boutique change management firm that helps our clients achieve greater efficiency and profitability while simultaneously managing inflection points in the constantly shifting life cycle of nimble businesses.

At the root of it all, the Collective believes in taking the dys out of dysfunctional teams and putting an emphasis on the fun.


Strategy x (People + Product + Process) = Results 

For most of our clients, we engage in Umbrella Consulting, a process through which we touch on People, Products and Process through the lens of the senior team's strategy. 

The most common results of our work are:

  • Improved communication and team dynamics from the top down.
  • Higher sales and profitability.
  • Greater efficiency in delivering products and services.
  • Enhanced reputation with competitors, vendors and clients.

Consulting Services

Change Management

Change is the only constant, right? And in the fast-paced world we live in that means leaders, head counts, roles and responsibilities change often. Sometimes strategy and execution too. 

We like to take a holistic approach