Great news for TCC client Lohmann Technologies Corporation. We’ve been working with them for three years now on sales processes, marketing strategy and overall change management as they grow. (They bought San Jose-based G&L Die Cutting in 2010.)

We are so excited for them and their growth: 49% in three years to 2012 revenue of $36.1 million.

Lohmann is the US-based subsidiary of a German owned company that’s been around for 161 years. And…what exactly do they do?

That’s easy: think TAPE! Sticky stuff!


You know how the BMW and Audi metal emblems stay on the cars? Lohmann. Do you know how your toothpaste and cereal boxes are printed? Using printing presses with Lohmann tapes.

And what about diaper closures, airplanes and flat screen tv components? All stuck together with Lohmann adhesive tapes.

In the US, Lohmann has three plants and over 100 employees, and they’re rather a beautiful reminder that manufacturing in the US can and does work.

Congrats, Lohmann!