First, go here to read the article on Mashable, “3 Ways Digital Innovation Can Make Luxury Brands Exclusive Again.”

If you don’t want to do that, here’s a quick summary:

Duke Greenhill writes about three technologies that he believes will create exclusive consumer experiences to tap into the increasing number of luxury consumers who shop/spend time online.

His top three technologies are:

1. Augmented Reality.* This would let you go to a kiosk and virtually try on clothes/accessories. Eventually it could be done in your home if you had an AR set up.

2. Dynamic, Creative Video. Essentially good video that tailors content to shopper. This is good.

3. Facial Recognition. The example he gives is for in-store where this technology pushes specific items, promos, invitations to you as you shop.

I have a friend, Lisa, who is a sales person d’un certain age at a women’s specialty store in a second tier market with lots of wealthy residents. Her personal style is a cross between Betsey Johnson funk and downtown 80s club kid cool.

Needless to say, she rocks.

And as soon as her shoppers come in the door, she wants to know what’s going on in their lives, what parties/trips they have coming up and how the most recent ones were. She gets them wine, Pellegrino, whatever, and they spill it. The gossip, that is.

She offers clothing/accessories options they wouldn’t normally consider because she’s seen countless other women try the same item on and she knows it’ll work.

She tells them when they look like shit. She gives hugs and calls them honey.**

And they love her.***

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think technology will ever be able to recreate a shopping with Lisa experience.

If you’re interested, call her up. You can find her here.

* WTF is AR? Glad that someone is doing it, but I see this as more of a function for SWATCH. Maybe we’ll get there with bespoke suits, but the tailor who wears Creed cologne and smokes a cigar with you is one of the reasons you have him make your suits, no?

** I, for one, love being called honey. And she tells me before the sales happen.

***Me too. Who else could make me part with thousands of dollars each year in such a fun way?