Lauren is one of the most dynamic individuals I have ever met during my business career. Her enthusiasm and vivaciousness, matched with her knowledge and business insight, give her a unique perspective and make her a tremendous asset to any organization as a coach and consultant.
— Bill Payne, EVP of Sales and Marketing, Lohmann Technologies
Lauren’s workshop [at SXSW V2V] was worth the entire cost of the whole event!
— James La Barrie, Founder of Beyond Marketing
All I can say is wow. Lauren is a genius. She single handedly created a coaching methodology and somehow understood how to convey that in a clear and straightforward UX as well as galvanize a team of developers to execute it. She was tireless in her efforts and ultimately was the heart and soul of a project for which we was a consultant.
— CEO, Coaching Technology Company
Lauren is a high energy out of the box thinker who added great value to my business - and to me personally. She genuinely cares about what she does and suggests solutions that are unique to me - not “off the shelf”. I would definitely work with Lauren again.
— Neil Mairs, President of Solutions Recruiting
What you’re doing is so f***ing refreshing!
— Danielle LaPorte, Author of the Fire Starter Sessions
My life, my career and my business would not be where they are today without the support, coaching, guidance and encouragement I’ve received from Lauren over the years since she first started coaching me.

Now, she is more than a coach to me, she is a friend, confidant, mentor, mirror, and more.

She holds me accountable to my truth and my goals, she facilitates rapid enlightenment and self-discovery for break-throughs and outcomes I would not have thought possible, all while allowing me to discover my own solutions and pathways for action. She’s passionate, vivacious, insightful and bold. She’ll transform you and your business in so many ways. Call her. Call her NOW!
— Justine Bloome, Speaker, Mentor and Founder of The Village Agency
Lauren and her team helped us execute one of the most profitable sales in our store’s history and prepare for the economic downturn of 2008. We continued to use the model of pop up shops to clear merchandise and were well ahead of the curve on that trend as a result.
— CEO, Women's Specialty Retailer
I asked Lauren to work with my Sales Team to help them become more focused in their selling approach and coach them on how to become top performers. Through a variety of tools including 360’s, interviews, and weekly coaching calls Lauren was able to increase the group’s effectiveness, and more importantly, their self esteem towards their careers.

After completing the coaching Lauren has undertaken other marketing related special projects the group has come up with to further their growth and goals. Lauren was, and is, as valuable contributor to Lohmann!
— Steven DeJong, President of Lohmann Technologies