We've been fortunate at the Coaching Collective to have worked with some amazing clients over the years. From members of Congress, Olympians and CEOs of Fortune 500s to startups, non profits and sales teams around the country, our clients are forward-thinking, growth-oriented and care about their massive impact on the world. 

They also like to have a lot of fun doing their thing in the world! Oh yeah, and they like wine.

The psychographic of our typical client companies: 

    • Led by an executive who wants to expand his or her sphere of influence in business
    • Has hit an inflection point in the growth cycle that requires some outside input
    • Most often (but not always) is facing rapid expansion and its accompanying challenges
    • Desires change but doesn't have the internal resources to manage it
    • 10 million to 100 million in revenue
    • Between 20 and 1000 employees companywide (or in the business unit)

    The psychographic or our typical CEO client

    We've taken a page out of the Zappos playbook and freely admit it. We only want to work with people we'd want to have a drink with (or in Lauren's case, have tea with). 

    To that end, the Coaching Collective tends to attract CEOs who are:

    • Dynamic and growth oriented
    • Fairly risk tolerant
    • Decisive. You make your decisions quickly with a combo of gut and data
    • Humble 
    • Collaborative
    • Always learning
    • Yearn to contribute more to the world